With barely eleven years of age Carlos Daniel Pallarols chiselled for the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, the leaders of a Cross of processional use that continues being utilized nowadays, without even imagine that twenty years later would have the major privilege al that an artist of these characteristics can aspire inside the Religious Silverware, to ornament the 'Ambón' (Pulpit) and the High Altar of this marvellous Temple that after two years of intense work was inaugurated for the Jubilee in the year 2000.

Blood of a traditional family of silversmiths highly recognized in the world is today a representative figure with own style and character whose personal seal is recognized by people that decided to enrich its collections with his pieces or invite him to participate of works that already are part of the Argentinean cultural patrimony and also patrimony of the world.

He had the privilege to learn his art with teachers of the size of Raquel Forner, Carlos Trotta, Marta Minujin among others, besides participating in diverse activities in the National School of Fine Arts. But without doubt the chisel in his hands since his very first childhood and his natural curiosity by the secrets of this art carried him to whom he became today.

During its step by the family workshop, among others works, at the age of 16 of age carried out along with its father the cane of command that utilized the President Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín and participated in the restoration of the Custody utilized in 1934 in the framework of the visit of the Pope Pious XII to Argentina carried out because of the Eucharistic Congress of 1984.

Since 1994 he works in his own workshop in the neighbourhood of San Telmo initiating a new phase in its successful career where he manage to consolidate its style and its personal seal in its vast work.

Entrusted by the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1997 he carried out the mural commemorative to them who were killed at the Holocaust and at the attacks to the Embassy of Israel and to the AMIA in Argentina. The work is exhibited in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires. This mural was reproduced in 1998 in a postal seal launched officially by the Argentine Mail. In the year 2004 carried out a second commemorative mural with identical characteristics that is exhibited in the church Vaternunser, Berlin, Germany since that moment.

Restorations, pieces of ornamentation for important Religious Images, Custodies and Chalices have been entrusted to him by several institutions, faithful and religious authorities considering the special sensibility that characterizes him.

Also he took part in several works for the cultural and historical environment, for example restored an ink bottle that belong to Mrs Eva Perón that is placed in the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, were used to be the office of Mrs Perón, and nowadays carries her name. Besides, by assignment of the former President Carlos Saúl Menem made a ‘pectoral’ for the Pope Juan Pablo II that the President delivered personally.

Besides, in occasion of his trip to Argentina, attendant especially by an British Financial Institution as a gift in its name, he created a ‘facón’ in leather braided by hand and silver, decorated with indigenous motives, for His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, Carlos of England.

As testimony of his Faith and with the desire to carry to the highest hands of this land a desire of Peace and Love in its Pontificated in June 22, 2005 delivered to his Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI a Chalice and Paten that were made with silver cuts that conserved of the making of the High Altar of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and a decorated book with the symbol of the Holy Father containing the desires of thousands of faithful Argentines.

Recently the world of the sport has called him to carry out the Commemorative Framework that the Association of Argentine Soccer delivered to the FIFA because of its centennial and a gift delivered to Franz Beckenbauer in occasion if his visit to Argentina as a President of the Organizing Commission of the FIFA World Cup that took place in Germany, June 2006.

In a constant interest to discover new expressions he directed his look to the future generating a new concept: clothing in silver. These works have integrated various parades of High Fashion of the most important Argentine designers. It shows in this way that, the art, the vanguard and the romanticism can be combined in an exquisite way. A present expression with eternal style.